Luxury Room Diffuser

Luxury Room Diffuser

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Make space on the mantlepiece for the Luxury Flozzy Room Diffuser, this room diffuser is like no other, it fills your home with a premium aroma that smells strong and rejuvenates. The Flozzy Reed Sticks have been specially developed to provide a strong fragrance throw, anti-clog technology and there's no need to flip (unless you want a major scent boost).

The Flozzy diffuser looks and speaks luxury, it's 100ml bottle is engraved with our iconic logo, a polished gold finished cap and 7 Flozzy Reed Sticks. Is there anything else it can boast about? Of Course, it's made with Premium Quality Ingredients, we’re also proud that our diffusers are vegan friendly and cruelty free! 

Our scents are inspired by designers but in no way linked or affiliated with the designer brand. 

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